#WYSC: AOC's hair is trending

On this week’s WYSC roundup, Jamal Simmons recaps what went down at a CNN townhall discussion, in which 2020 Democratic candidates spoke up about their views on LGBT rights. Also today, President Trump railed against anyone and everyone who’s come after him on impeachment-related matters. While Trump went after his opponents, pop star Rihanna threw some shade back at 45.


50 thoughts on “#WYSC: AOC's hair is trending

  1. That means she has outthought the entire Faux Nooz staff! Good job AOC. But, when you think about it, that isn’t really much of an accomplishment. I mean, they are the propaganda network for a guy who babkrupted multiple casinos and who banks won’t lend other people’s money to.

  2. Anyone who claims to be a socialist or environmentalist that spends money, uses limited natural resources, and creates pollution for their external appearance is a vain poser.

  3. 300 is quite standard in ny for women to get their hair done, unfortunately. You have to really hunt for a decent stylists who isn't in the hundreds. Many are 600+

  4. +The Hill – Cortez is a FAKE socialist. Why don't you call her out? She's in Copenhagen, travelling the world (probably on OUR dime), talking about the climate, having taken a PLANE – you know, gas emissions, pollution, etc. Plus all that chauffeuring around.

  5. Trust me, all POLITICIANS are corrupted. BERNIE, AOC, …, just less or more, Creepy Joe more than Pocahontas, Pocahontas more a threat to American!. If your guys still trust Corrupted Politicians? Think again. They don't represent US. I vote for Andrew Yang (he may be corrupted 4 years later, but for now, as in 2015's bernine., not corrupted yet).

  6. The problem with banning "conversion therapy"… what entails "conversion therapy"? It's too vague a term.
    It would likely be weaponized against any religion who believes that homosexual behavior is immoral… even if they do not push their followers to pursue heterosexuality.
    The other problem is that the LGBTQ movement is pushing to define sex, gender AND sexuality as a self-identifying choice that can be fluid and changeable and unaffiliated with biology. So the movement is simultaneously pushing the idea that sexuality is a choice… and that it's also innate.

  7. Medicare for All is the most important policy issue for gay men. It doesn’t sound like this issue was discussed. Could it be because the Human Right’s Campaign supports Joe Biden and neither care about poor and minority gay men. Maybe they should be on the street! 🥰

  8. Just wondering if miss equalities fan base or rather 70% of Americans get 300$ hairstyles? Kind of like Bernie Sanders, screams equality for all as he tosses you the bird from the window of his Tesla, backing out of the driveway of his third Vermont home….AOC IS YOUR TYPICAL HYPOCRITICAL SHILL

  9. Socialism isn't about everyone being poor or everyone living with no life style. And non of the policies today in America are socialist… they're way to the right of being socialist

  10. why does Jamal wants to tell us what we should think…this is classic old school media brainwash…. been there done that. is 2019 my guy….we think for outselves …and when you say what "America is thinking"….lol uhhhh  nahhh.

  11. According to the indictment, Parnas, Fruman and other defendants “conspired to circumvent the federal laws against foreign influence by engaging in a scheme to funnel foreign money to candidates for federal and state office so that the defendants could buy potential influence with the candidates, campaigns, and the candidates’ governments.”

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