Sugaring is Our New Favorite Hair Removal Technique | The SASS with Sharzad and Susan

We’re constantly on the hunt for different hair removal techniques, and while sugaring has been around for a long time, neither of us had tried it. That’s why we stopped by Sugared + Bronzed in Beverly Hills, CA to learn more. Watch the latest episode of The SASS with Sharzad and Susan to see them get sugared and learn more about this ancient form of hair removal.

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36 thoughts on “Sugaring is Our New Favorite Hair Removal Technique | The SASS with Sharzad and Susan

  1. 119$ for sugaring?!!! No wonder she doesn’t want anyone to do it at home. AND the sugar is turning white cuz it is trapping air in as u work with it just like how they make taffy 😐😐
    Dont waste ur money on her people

  2. Never done it, but would like to give it a try, however, the results seem similar to traditional wax. Although too expensive for what it is, the lady did not lie she did not say you cannot do it at home, she just said that she would not recommend it. If you are handy, you could probably do it at home easily, but if you are a cluts (, maybe a specialist for you.

  3. Best way to remove ur hair … really ur skin become very soft ♥️ btw we call it halawa or shera its old fashion for as because we use laser now🙄 I speak about Middle East girls♥️

  4. Yes its really work . I am also using by myself. If you use a thin layer of that and cutting of Jen's with small pease and applied on that thin layer.

  5. Years ago, my mom used to tell us that when she was a kid her mom, i mean my grandma and all the neighbours come together at one of them's house, they make this sugar-lemon thing (they call it wax, this is where wax came from) and they all remove their hairs at the same time. Then do this again with time periods. It would've been fun if we live those days. Mom also said the kids of women used to eat that mix before their mom use it or while they're using cause it's nothing but sugar and lemon lol

  6. This is the most useless video ever. Down in India that's really how you make wax. And in 10 dollars you very your full arms full legs and underarms. This expensive shit is obscene and shamefull and when I say 10 dollars I am talking good quality expensive ones.

  7. Im 21 and I've been sugaring myself at home since I was 16
    Its easy guys to do
    And better than shaving nice smooth skin
    So u can do it at home and start learning or saving money
    PS it might be super painful at 1st due that u r not used on it
    But by time u will get used on pain and it will be fun to do

  8. U can easily do sugaring hair removal method at home..Its easy af!And it almost costs nothing..cause everyone has lemon water and sugar already available at home!

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