How To Grow Long & Healthy Hair | 10 Quick Tips

Yes, genetics play a big part in hair growth. However, there are things you can do to not only speed up your hair growth, but also ensure that you keep your hair healthy. In this video I go over 10 quick tips to grow long and healthy hair.

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39 thoughts on “How To Grow Long & Healthy Hair | 10 Quick Tips

  1. I've been growing my hair for almost 2 years now and the reason why I decided to grow it out was because I was so naïve when people always told me that it was time for me to cut my hair. So instead of cutting my hair and "pleasing" others, I kept saying no when people mentioned a haircut and thought about just growing it out to annoy them haha..

  2. I have hair just past my shoulder blades
    I have “good” hair, it’s thick and straight, I rarely get frizz despite living in 100% humidity Florida 🌈
    I take lots of supplements but not hair specific supplements
    I keep it in a bun 98% of the time
    Having said all that, my hair is heavy, if I put it into a bun too high it feels like my frontal scalp is being pulled out 😬 it’s hot, no matter what I do
    I wash it almost daily, I use Wen and Cowash products. This works best for my hair type, doesn’t work for everyone. I let it air dry 99.9% of the time
    Long hair is cool 🤘🏻👌🏻

  3. Where do I start with my hair? I have my hair currently trimmed on the sides and three times as long on the top so should I cut my hair so every side is the same or can I continue this way?

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