How to Go 5 Days Without Washing Your Hair | Beauty with Susan Yara

Experts all agree it’s healthier (and less work) to wash your hair less. And Susan Yara has mastered the art of how to make blowout last for days! All you need is the right products and tips. Watch this video find out how she goes five days without washing her hair.

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48 thoughts on “How to Go 5 Days Without Washing Your Hair | Beauty with Susan Yara

  1. I wash every 5 or 6 days and I am constantly training for races (half marathons, duatholons, etc.) Which means I'm working out and sweating in my hair everyday. I used to think I needed to wash after every workout. Nope! I put mousse and heat guard in on the first day and dry shampoo on the 3rd/4th and 5th days. After every workout, I dry the sweat out of my hair immediately after a workout. Something I've learned is to put dry shampoo in BEFORE a workout so it absorbs the sweat instead of your hair. Brush dry shampoo out after a workout and you're good to go. Note that I wear my hair straight so styling is very simple. Day 6 is pushing it and it starts to feel a little dirty so I usually wash at end of day 5.

  2. Definitely should be using a heat protectant. Since I've been using one I've noticed how healthy my hair stays. Try redken pillowproof while your hair is damp. Protects your hair from the blow dryer and hot tool you are gonna use !

  3. God I hate washing my hair but I can hardly even go two days but I push myself to go three . I literally need to use dry shampoo on the second day my hairs so oily 😭I'm trying to train my hair to go four days but it's just not working 😂😂😂

  4. I usually go 7-9 days (sometimes up to 12 if am extra lazy..but up-dos to the rescue) without washing my hair. I have straight (not the sleek, flat kind), thick, dry hair and a lot of it so I never needed to train my hair to do this. I never use heat products because I’m not interested in/am too lazy to do styling, and I air dry exclusively. My hair’s actually frizzy and too big on the first day, which I dislike; it settles to be smooth but still voluminous on top after that, and usually remains so until day 6 at which time when my roots start to look greasy/dirty. I use dry shampoo on day 6 if I really want to keep my hair down, but ofttimes I put it up until I get around to washing it. When the weather is hot/I’ve been sweating a lot, I’d go 5-7 days mainly to rid the smell.
    My advice is to avoid inundating your hair, especially roots, with a ton of styling products, which includes dry shampoo, texturizers. Focus on nourishing products like leave-in conditioners, oils (on ends), and heat-protectant if you use hot tools.

  5. I can only go 3 days between washes because of my thyroid imbalance. My scalp becomes really sore and if I use dry shampoo it just makes it even more painful. For some reason washing makes it feel better even tho sometimes the pain is still there. .

  6. I go about 4 days between washing my hair. Double shampoo is a huge help. I also found a foam conditioner that doesn't make my hair look oily. Dry shampoo is definitely for the last day before a wash. My hair is so much healthier since I've been washing it less.

  7. I tried going for a day without washing my hair.I didn't have Dry shampoo so I heard Baby powder does fine.My hair is starting to look great but through out the day my head itches.Any advise?edit:My head also starts sweating because I live in a hot country where the weather is 38•c

  8. I have very oily skin. Depending on what I'm doing and weather, every 3rd day. I also try to give the rest of my body room to breathe. I wash very important parts of my body everyday with soap and water. But I do a full on shower every 3rd day.

  9. Omygod 5 days……. ( sarcastic) i wash my hair each 7 days…. once a week… without doing anything… and my hair was oily before… now its normal, because washing my hair too often makes it very oily and desgusting.

  10. Keep in mind, dear fellow commenters, that the younger you are the more oils your scalp and face will produce. I'm afraid this might not work if your a greasy teen;)

  11. Omg. That is way too much heat to be using on your hair girl. Damage city. I also wash once a week but only heat style for special occasions. I agree with the dry shampoo thing, it does make it feel dirty but I use it anyway. I also rinse with a clenzeing conditioner mid week to get the oil off my scalp and in to my ends. Everyone is diffrent though

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